Share Bear™

Need something? Anything? If Share Bear has it, she’ll share it! Carefree and loving, Share is happiest when she’s with her friends – or baking! She loves sharing so much that she shows it with her belly badge – two heart-shaped lollipops!

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Share Bear’s activities

Download Share Bear’s coloring pages, or watch her video!

Funshine Bear

Funshine Bear™

Playful Funshine Bear works hard to make sure that everyone is having a good time. His sense of humor makes him the life of any party and he really knows how to have fun. Funshine Bear’s belly badge reflects his sunny disposition–a bright yellow sun with an ever-present smile.

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Fun activities!

Download Sunshine Bear’s coloring pages, or watch his video!

Cheer Bear™

Cheer Bear is a very happy Care Bear who helps others see the bright side of life. Wherever she goes, Cheer Bear wears a belly badge of hope and happiness—a colorful rainbow.

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Cheerful activities

Watch Cheer Bear’s intro video, or download some activities featuring her!

Tenderheart Bear™

Tenderheart Bear is a loving and lovable bear who knows a lot about helping others share their feelings. By helping people show they care, Tenderheart spreads love and makes it grow. He has the perfect belly badge for his job—a heart filled with love.

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Tenderhearted Activities

Check out Tenderheart Bear’s coloring pages and video.

Grumpy Bear™

Grumpy may be a bit of a grouch, but his grumpiness reminds us that it’s okay to be grumpy sometimes–-as long as it doesn’t last too long. Grumpy Bear’s tummy symbol—a rain cloud with falling hearts—is a reminder that even when we’re less than cheery, we are still loved by those closest to us.

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Grumpy Activities

Feeling grumpy? Download our coloring pages featuring Grumpy Bear, or watch his video.